Naturopathic Allergy Solutions

If you suffer from seasonal allergies...

you may find yourself relying on antihistamines, decongestants, and in some cases steroids to help manage your symptoms.  These treatments may help you to feel better temporarily, however they don’t address the cause, which is typically an overactive immune response, and they often produce unwanted side effects. The following naturopathic tips and treatments can help to reduce your body’s response to environmental allergens and diminish allergy symptoms, often with significant and long-lasting results.

1.  Stop allergies before they start

Leading up to allergy season, reduce the overall allergic stress on your immune system by testing for and avoiding food sensitivities.  Many people find that when they have eliminated food sensitivities, their environmental allergies become far more manageable. 

If you have been experiencing a high level of stress, you can prepare your immune system for allergy season by using a natural adrenal support formula.  Adrenal function is integral to a healthy immune response and managing inflammation naturally.

2.  Treat the Gut  

A number of studies have shown probiotics to be an effective intervention during allergy season.  Probiotic bacteria helps to support a healthy mucosal barrier in the digestive system and to regulate immune activity, helping your body to process and eliminate allergens more effectively.

3.  Acupuncture:

This ancient treatment modality can provide fast relief from sinus congestion, enhance immune function, and help to reduce inflammation.  Patients often report a reduction in allergy symptoms after one treatment, however a series of acupuncture sessions may be recommended to help decrease immune hypersensitivity and maintain results.

4.  Antihistamine Alternatives

There are several safe and effective alternatives to over the counter allergy medications.  Quercetin, bromelain, stinging nettles, vitamin C, and homeopathic formulas can be very effective in helping to reduce the release of histamine and control the inflammatory response involved in allergic reactions. 


During your naturopathic appointment, you will receive an individualized treatment plan to address your allergy symptoms and overall healthcare needs.